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Jean-Louis NeichelJean Louis Neichel’s Career

Born in Strasbourg, capital of the Alsace region in France, in the year

He is married to Evelyn Fuertes (León, Spain) and has four children from this marriage.

Born and raised in Alsace, he completed his chef internship at the COLMAR and RIBEAUVILLÉ School of Hostellery (Alsace).

Alain Chapel restaurant, in Mionnay -France- (3 Michelin Stars), part of the ‘Relais & Chateaux’ group.
He worked in several top restaurants in France and Germany
George Blanc restaurant, in Vonnas -France-, part of the ‘Relais & Chateaux, Relais Gourmand’ group, (3 Michelin Stars), apprenticeship.
Gaston Lenotre in Paris, considered the best pastry cook in Paris.
“Walliser Stube” restaurant in Dusseldorf –Germany- (2 Michelin Stars), sous chef.
El Bulli de Roses restaurant. Head Chef and Manager. First Michelin Star in 1976.
Neichel restaurant in Barcelona since 1981, with the help in the dining hall oh his wife Evelyn Fuertes. Currently 1 Michelin Star. His son Mario is following in his footsteps in the restaurant.

He has a high status within the best Gastronomic Guides of Spain. Since 1990, in ‘Relais & Chateaux, Relais Gourmand’ (The only one in Barcelona).

The Personality (according to Teresa Gallimó)
Until 1980, Jean Louis Neichel was Head Chef and Director of the restaurant ‘El Bulli de Roses’. During these 8 years, and with the unconditional support of the Marietas and Dr. Hans Schilling, the restaurant owners, he achieved his first Michelin Star in 1976. He was the first chef in Spain to separate the different ingredients in such a way that each one stood out alone, without losing their capacity to compliment the others.
Neichel is an art lover.  For him, painting is a pleasure and means of relaxation.  For some time now he has been going to periodical painting classes and gives his most cherished works to close friends.
His technique is brought to the table, where colour combinations and textures spill into his dishes. Some of his pieces are printed onto the crockery and gastronomic menus of his restaurant.

The Kitchen
Jean Louis Neichel prepares a cuisine with impeccably structured roots using the best quality, fresh ingredients. Mediterranean par excellence, light and cutting edge. When in season, his dishes feature the best mushrooms and game. The ever-present ingredients in his menu are suckling lamb, Palamos shrimps and sea bass, amongst others.

Where Jean Louis gets his ingredients from
Neichel makes the most of the wide variety of fresh ingredients available at the local markets. La Boquería, the trademark market of the city of Barcelona, is one of his favourites. There, from time to time, he meets up with his fellow chefs, the big names of Catalan cuisine, and takes in the produce, aromas and colours. The stalls of this market “chromatically inspire some of the dishes served in Neichel”.

Some of the ingredients come from quality suppliers that Neichel has met and recruited throughout his twenty odd years in Spain: a lifelong friend brings him black truffles and morel mushrooms from Barbastro, Huesca. The shrimps and sea cucumbers come directly from Roses or Llançà on the Costa Brava, and are provided by a dear friend from his days at El Bulli.


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