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Privacy policy

Through this notice, Neichel S.L. (hereafter Neichel), with registered address in Barcelona - 08034, c/ Beltrán i Rózpide, nº 1-5 (formerly Avda. Pedralbes), informs the site’s users about its PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION POLICY.
In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999, of 13th December, on the Protection of Personal Data, you are informed that the details of a personal nature that may where appropriate be provided by users, will be included in a personal data file that is managed and owned by Neichel. Also, in the instance of filling out any of the registration forms with the personal details requested therewithin and accepting its being sent, YOU EXPRESSLY AUTHORISE Neichel to treat and incorporate into the automated file of his ownership all personal details provided, as well as any details that may be generated in relation to your participation and/or use of the features offered or that may be offered on this site.

In case of the inclusion within the forms of Details of a Personal Nature relating to physical persons other than he who is making the application, this latter must inform said persons of the points presented in this document.

Except where specifically established to the contrary, it will be considered necessary for the user to enter all of the details requested in each of the fields of each form, providing true, precise, complete and uptodate details. The user will be the sole responsible party for any damage or prejudice, direct or indirect, that may be incurred to Neichel, or to any third party as a result of providing false, imprecise, incomplete or out of date information in the forms. As such, the user guaranteers that the Personal Details, provided where appropriate, are truthful and acknowledges the responsibility to communicate any changes to the same.

The details provided will never be used for any purposes other than those outlined below, and will be immediately destroyed when they are no longer necessary for such purpose.

Should Neichel provide any type of special service in which alternative, specific provisions are defined as regards the protection of personal data, the application of the particular terms and conditions indicated for this service will, in the instance of any contradiction, have priority over those outlined here.

All information relating to Details of a Personal Nature received by Neichel is treated with maximum confidentiality, at all times respecting the duty of professional secrecy, and making only those communications that are strictly necessary for the provision of the service contracted by the Client, as well as the communications and cessions authorised by the User via this Privacy Policy.

Neichel has adopted the security levels that are legally required for the protection of Personal Data, and has installed all technical means and measures available to it in order to avoid the loss, abuse, alteration and unauthorised access to the Personal Data provided.

The user has the right to access the personal information relating to him held on file by Neichel, to rectify it if incorrect, cancel or oppose its treatment via email to a, or in writing and signed (attaching a copy of his DNI) addressed to the file manager, that is, to the company Neichel S.L., with registered address in Barcelona - 08034, c/ Beltrán i Rózpide, nº 1-5 (formerly Avda. Pedralbes).

The user accepts that his details may, where appropriate and exclusively for the purposes described previously, be passed on to other companies within the Group to which Neichel belongs, to participating companies and/or collaborators.

The user’s acceptance that his details may be treated or passed on in the ways established in this Privacy Policy is at all times revokable, without retrospective effect,in compliance with that set out in Articles 6 and 11 of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13th December.

For statistical purposes, Neichel may provide certain information about the user anonymously to third parties, including its advertisers, where applicable.
Neichel informs users, via this notice, that it uses cookies when the user navigates the various screens and pages of the site. The cookies used by Neichel are stored on the user’s hard drive but cannot read the details contained within in nor read the cookie files created by other providers. However, the user may prevent the generation of cookies using the corresponding option on his browser. Neichel uses cookies in order to get to know its registered users and be able to offer them a better and more personalised service. They are also used to obtain information regarding the date and time of the user’s last visit, to measure traffic levels within the site itself and estimate the number of hits received, in such a way that Neichel may focus and modify its services and promotions more efficiently.
Neichel reserves the right to modify its data protection policy as it sees fit, or as a result of legislative or jurisprudential changes, or changes to business practise. If Neichel were to introduce any changes, the new text would be published on this same site, where the user would be able to inform himself about the data protection policy. In any case, the relationship with the users will be governed by the regulations foreseen at the exact moment in which he accesses the site.


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