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Barcelona Divina
…he has contributed like few others to the international exaltation of the Catalan high cuisine that today sets a global standard …

Xavier Agulló.

BCN Press
…meeting place for lovers of good cuisine…forerunner of the new Bulli and one of the best chefs in Barcelona…

El Punt
Today it is considered by the vast majority of guides to local gastronomy as one of the best in the city…

Félix Llovet

Le Chef
Son secret est sa capacité à adapter toutes les préparations locales et à les pousser à un niveau gastronomique modernisée.

Georges Golan.

La Vanguardia - 5 a Taula
Neichel’s kitchen is producing unforgettable moments in food form…Catalan gastronomy needs top chefs like him to set the standard for new and dazzling trends.

Cinc A taula

Què fem
In Barcelona, 1981, he and his wife, Evelyn, opened the restaurant that has been, is and always will be at the centre of Catalan cuisine.. Neichel's dishes unite culinary art and modernity using good taste and ingredients.

Toni Massanés

Le Point
Le prince de la rigueur…il est devenu les plus malicieux des Catalans de Barcelona, le plus habile  à componer avec le marché local…il ne brille que par sa cuisine…
Gilles Pudlowski

Món Empresarial
Creativity at its purest. This is the gastronomic essence of Restaurant Neichel in Barcelona. And this is because its head chef and owner, Jean Louis Neichel, sees cuisine as an art form, whose primary source of inspiration are the ingredients themselves.

Iván Sánchez.

El Mundo
The ability to stay at the top of his game. Neichel is a fierce defender of the high quality cuisine produced in this country, of which he is one of its finest examples.

Belen Parra

Neichel is synonymous with wholesome and succulent cuisine, where the ingredient and its perfect preparation never disappoint. The restaurant is a gem...presided over by a large chandelier in a setting of lemon trees,...the original details of spoons hangin from the ceiling..with a beautiful olive jar designed by Neichel himself.

Maricar de la Sierra

Torres Magazine
…two strides from Diagonal, in the bustling business hub of Barcelona..he playfully prepares a creative cuisine, whose dishes are born of a fusion of that learnt in Alsace and in the Mediterranean.

Ängel Becerril

Der Feinschmecker –Koch des Monats
Haute cuisine auf katalanisch: Neichel. Ein Elsässer ist Barcelonas Starkoch: Jean Louis Neichel nutzt die fülle regionaler produkte und verwandelt französische und katalanische klassiker zu neuentdeckungen.

Wolfram Siebeck.

An excellent restaurant, emblematic in the city. High quality signature cuisine featuring creativity based on the Mediterranean tradition always rendered with a brilliant twist by chef Jean Louis Neichel

Guia del Ocio
…this stunning restaurant tempts us with its inventive interpretation of Meditarranean ought to keep in mind the fact that Neichel was the first to breath life in to Bulli…
Miquel Sen

Vinos y Restaurantes
…..At Neichel, a cuisine with impeccably structured roots is prepared using the best, fresh ingredients. Mediterranean par excellence, light and cutting edge.

Siga Curt

Rural - El Racó de Tana Collados

The master of some of the young profesionals of our culinary elite, Neichel's is a refined cuisine that is far from mediocre..his is a talent acquired from a young age in a professional French kitchen and perfected within an environment, ours, that appeals to all the senses

Tana Collados

Guia Campsa
Jean Louis Neichel in the kitchen and his wife, Evelyn, in the dining hall, are the stars of a long and successful career, defined by undisputed quality and professionalism.

Academia Española de Gastronomía.

La Vanguardia
In Bulli restaurant, in 1974, Neichel put his imagination and perfectionism to serving Mediterranean cuisine. His was the first Michelin Star at El Bulli, and there he remained until in 1980 he decided to change the gastronomic culture of Barcelona and started cooking in Pedralbes.


El Periódico
…the new kitchen honours Neichel for the 25th year of his restaurant...for since bursting onto the scene, it is almost more impressive to keep the fires of a restaurant burning for 25 years than to open a new place on the back of gastronomic trend….

Luís Pliego

Diario de Levante
The chef, Jean Louis Neichel, is a key figure in the evolution of Spanish was he who, since Bulli, spread the Nouvelle Cuisine throughout the whole country and uncovered ingredients that were until then overlooked.


…both the refined academicism of Nouvelle Cuisine and the presentation are astounding, along with the unusual and spectacular complements: from the new sample menus to the two overflowing, specialist cheese boards...

Carme Casas


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